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The Best Nespresso Machine (But It

The Best Nespresso Machine (But It’s Not for Everyone)

After making and tasting over 100 espressos, lungos, latte macchiatos, and cappuccinos, we’ve determined that all Nespresso machines make identical drinks. We don’t love the flavor of Nespresso, but for those who prefer espresso drinks to drip coffee, a Nespresso machine is the fastest and most convenient way to make something like them at home—though […]

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Windows 10 is getting a great new screenshot tool

As someone that moves from macOS to Windows frequently and takes screenshots all the time (I admit, it’s a little specific, but I can’t be the only one), one of the most annoying things about Windows is the lack of an integrated, powerful screenshot tool. Yes, there were several ways to take a screenshot in […]

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Xiaomi’s official EU and UK entry is a bigger deal than you think

Europe and the UK have always had plenty of options when it comes to electronics, but Xiaomi would be the first company to deliver compelling products without gouging its customers. Based on the company’s unprecedented growth over the past eight years, Xiaomi is well-positioned to take on its competitors in Europe. The post Xiaomi’s official […]

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